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Atlasware Desktop Technical Manual

Express mode allows you to instantly download and convert your clients ERE file. You can download: The entire or any part of the exhibited or un-exhibited file, or both at the same time. You file will be downloaded and converted to Atlasware’s proprietary PDF.
In this example, I will download just the latest “F” exhibits for a particular client. Something you may do right before your hearing.

1. While logged into Atlasware Automate Mode clink the link for Express Mode.

express mode 1

2. At this point, we are limiting the Express Mode to 1 request every ten minutes. Enter your client’s SNN and hit “Load”

EM 2

3. Notice here you can select un-exhibited (case), exhibited or both. You can also “select all” or specific documents.

EM 3

4. For this tutorial, we will select a few recent “F” exhibits for review before the hearing. First hit “select all” to de-select all documents, second manually select the documents you want to download, and finally click “Download PDF”

.EM 4

5. Instantly the file will start downloading and converting to Atlasware’s proprietary.

6. Within a few seconds you will see:

EM 5

7. If you click yes, the PDF you know and love will be opened and if you notice, even when you select just a few exhibits, the title page is generated for easy navigation.

Em 6

8. Remember, at least for now, you will only be able to request 1 file every 10 minutes.

EM 7

Support documentation for Atlasware Desktop. If you need further support please reach out to our support team