Hate being stuck behind a desk all day? Need access to your disability files at the airport, at disability hearings, or at a client’s office?

Atlasware Cloud has made the disability claims process faster and easier than ever. Atlasware Cloud allows you to access the Social Security electronic records exchange (ERE) seamlessly and quickly.

Enjoy the flexibility to service your disability claimant’s how and where you want. Streamlined, innovative, and secure, Atlasware Cloud is the future in disability cloud computing.


Seamless interaction with the ERE

Atlasware cloud provides safe and secure access to your client’s disability case files at the hearing and Appeal’s Council levels. Downloads provide your staff with the most recent evidence in an organized format to leverage the power of the Atlasware software.

Our system can also pull your firm’s daily status report, allowing for a filtered and sortable view. Best of all, unlike the ERE, your disability cases never fall off your Atlasware account. Your firm will always have an accurate view of your past and active cases.

Concerned about storage capabilities? No need to be. Atlasware Cloud is not downloaded to your physical computer or server in your office. Assuming you have internet access, your firm can access Atlasware from any platform and any location 24/7.

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Simplified uploading to the ERE

No need to log in to the SSA website, let Atlasware Cloud handle all the uploads for your firm. Our uploader can convert and upload any type of file, upload multiple files at one time, and allows file sizes up to 200 MB per file. With our new drag and drop file upload process, your firm can substantially reduce time spent uploading. Plus, our system provides a confirmation of each and every upload.

Automatic scheduled downloads

Atlasware Cloud provides scheduled automatic downloads of exhibited case files on a pre-determined best practice calendar. Exhibited files are automatically downloaded several times as the case moves towards the hearing date. Plus, all downloaded files are processed through the optical character recognition process, allowing for key word searches, indexing and pagination, and the ability to cut and paste out of the file.

Efficiency with remote access

Remote working is more important than ever. Atlasware is the perfect solution. Atlwasware allows all team members to efficiently conduct business. With increased speed and security, firms can view, edit, download, and upload files from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone from anywhere in the world where they have internet access.

Looking for Atlasware Desktop Support?

We're beginning to phase out support for Atlasware Desktop, but if you are a current user and you still need some help feel fee to look thorugh our support documentation. If you have any questions you can reach out to desktop support

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