Lead Generation and Lead Sales

Advocating for disability clients does not have to end after a Title II or Title XVI disability win. Assure Disability provides additional opportunities to serve your claimants. Click the request demo button to schedule a demo to learn about these opportunities.


Generate Additional Revenue

Did you know that many clients who have won Social Security disability benefits may be eligible for additional services or benefits such as the Medicare Advantage program, the discharge of their college student loans, or additional VA benefits?

To provide access to these additional services and benefits, Assure Disability has established relationships with a variety of lead brokers. Assure Disability has also negotiated top dollar payments for these leads.

Contact the Assure Disability customer service team for more information about this process.

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Lead Generation for your firm

Assure Disability has also created a system that can easily identify Social Security Disability claimants that may be eligible for these additional benefits. The best part? Our system can automatically and securely aggregate this data, provide it to the lead brokers, and help your firm generate a passive revenue stream each and every month.

Contact the Assure Disability customer service team for more information about this process.

  • Little to no work to generate additional revenue
  • Assist your clients after they have secured disability benefits
  • Top dollar payments for your firm’s leads
  • Receive a check for all leads each month

Frequently Asked Questions

How much extra revenue can I expect to generate from Medicare Advantage leads?
With the wide network and volume of leads generated by Assure Disability
What are the benefits of using the Assure Disability System to generate leads?
The Assure Disability system is able to aggregate data to produce information and send it to the lead brokers with little to no effort from the participating firms. Firms will not have to spend hours gathering the information but can simply enjoy the passive revenue stream.
What are my options if I already sell my leads to another lead broker?
The specific contract your firm has negotiated with other brokers will determine whether our firm can assist you in lead sales, but many firms are able to cancel existing contracts and choose a new lead broker.
What are the first steps to getting started?
First, our lead generation team will schedule a demo to show the capabilities of our system. If your firm decides to move forward, we will send your firm a lead contract. After we receive the contract from your firm, our system is modified to allow leads to be automatically generated for your firm.
How much work will my firm have to do to prepare the leads to sell?
Most firms will have to do little to no work to prepare leads to be sold. Some exceptions do exist. These exceptions can be discussed during the demo call.
How does this benefit my client?
A host of businesses will contact your disability claimants after their disability win offering a variety of services and products. The best option for your claimant is to help them find reputable firms and companies who provide these services.
Is contacting and selling leads legal?
Yes, companies and firms are allowed to contact and market products to your disability claimants. Legally, however, all claimants must give consent to have their information given to any third-party. No claimant is ever contacted without prior consent from the claimant. Assure Disability will discuss with your firm the best way to obtain consent from your claimant, and if necessary, can also provide assistance in this effort.