Developing high quality disability briefs can be difficult and time-consuming. Assure Disability brings you smart briefing technology, a simplified way to write organized and concise briefs. Brief Tool Pro, a part of Assure Disability’s suite of products, comes fully equipped with a briefing tool which makes brief writing easier than ever.

Hundreds of thousands of briefs have already been written using the Assure Disability's Brief Tool Pro. With no setup required, your office now has access to one of the industry's most trusted brief writing tools.

Brief Tool Pro, a revolution in brief writing at every level of the disability process!


Briefs are essential

Don’t think you need a brief? Maybe, but providing a well-crafted brief to the Administration can make the difference between winning and losing your case. In fact, as a disability advocate, it can be one of the most effective tools you have to communicate your seriousness and preparation to the court. Most of all, a brief can give your client a chance to stand apart from all other claimants.

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Brief Tool Pro explained

Our proprietary brief writing software allows for you to write your own briefs or have one of our attorneys write the brief for you.

The Brief Tool Pro is not only intuitive, it also utilizes optical character recognition technology to scan the exhibited disability file and complete much of the Five Step Sequential Analysis arguments.

Additionally, it will suggest the best arguments available for your claimant and identify potential issues in their case. Arguments are disability and jurisdiction specific, so your client will have a brief tailored especially for their case. From state agencies all the way to the Appeals Council, Brief Tool Pro handles claims at any level of the Administrative process.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the brief process work?
1. Download the exhibited case file.
2. Identify if you want to write the brief yourself or have Assure Disability complete the brief for you.
3. Determine what type of brief you want. Brief Tool Pro can be used to write On the Record briefs, Hearing level briefs, or Appeal’s Council briefs.
4. Establish the due date for the brief.
5. Complete the brief using the Brief Tool Pro, or if you prefer, have us complete the brief for you.
6. After the brief has been completed, review the brief, make edits as needed, and upload the brief through our system to the Social Security Administration.
What do I do after the brief is done?
After the brief is done, it will be delivered back to you in an editable form, and with a click of a button, the completed brief can be uploaded directly to the Social Security Disability ERE using the Atlasware Cloud uploader.
How much does it cost to use the Brief Tool Pro?
If you generate and write the brief yourself, using our brief tool it is a $10.00 charge. If we write the brief for you, it is a $100 charge. We can write pre-hearing, on the record, hearing, or Appeal’s Council briefs.
How many pages are the briefs?
Each brief can vary in length depending on the amount of medical records provided by the claimant. Generally, pre-hearing briefs are two to three pages in length with a medical narrative of 250 to 800 words. The format of the brief will vary based on the type of brief requested.
Will the attorney review the medical records for the claimant?
Yes, if Assure writes your brief, the attorney will review the full medical file for the claimant and provide a synopsis of the case.
How many days in advance should a firm request the brief?
Ideally, the brief is requested 20 days prior to the hearing date. This allows our firm 8-10 days to write the brief and return it to the firm more than five days prior to the hearing. Briefs can, however, be completed within 48 hours of the hearing with a rush notification.